First off, Im super sorry I havent blogged lately.  As most of you may already know, I opened up my own real live SHOP!  Located in the quaint little indie town of Newmarket New Hampshire – my first month was a great success!  I totally surpassed my expectations!

Now onto the MODELS!
We have a long time core group of ladies that have been truly amazing and given so much of their time, energy and love to showing off the clothing.  I am forever indebted and will hold these girls very dear to me!  Im lucky to call these girls my friends.  Here is a little rundown of the girls and a few words about each of them:

Angela is like Audrey Hepburn.  She is so poised and elegant.  She can wear anything, but looks best in pretty florals and soft colors.  But dont let those soft looks fool you – she can rock a hot black mini dress well!  She is like little sister to me!

Nermina is a Bosnian Bombshell!  She has natural beauty/girl next door looks, but also has a wild side!  This lady will show her many sides given the opportunity.  Ive seen such a transformation with her photos – and Im so glad to have her as a friend and partner in crime (ie barhopping!)

Rachel adds a bit of edge to Concetta’s Closet.  With her bright blonde (now brown) hair and exotic Italian looks, she wears many of our 80s outfits well.  She’s the youngest of the models, but sure is one smart broad!  An anthropology major at UNH, this girl has a bright future in front of her!

Caitlin is no longer an active model for Concetta’s Closet, but will always be a part of the team.  She has recently moved to Florida and has kept pursuing a career in high fashion modeling.  Recently, she had a photoshoot with a great photographer and I supplied some vintage lingerie.  Watch out for this girl – she will surely be gracing the cover of Vogue soon! (photo below is from her most recent shoot!)

Christina is a free spirit.  She has a great sense of humor, long legs and a great smile.  Sweet as pie with model good looks.  She has graced the pages of International fashion magazines and manages a high end fashion boutique.  Another great friend I love spending time with, especially over a glass of wine 🙂

And Ill add a newbie to the mix, because she is so dedicated!

Catherine is a total dreamboat.  She can pull off a 40s/50s look like no ones business!  With curves in all the right places and a killer sense of humor – its a real pleasure working with her!

There are many others who have graced the pages of our online shop a few others that have walked runway for our shows.  And I thank you all!  Heather, Lisa, Ariel, Tracy, Danielle M., Miriah and Claudia.