First and foremost, Happy New Year!  What an amazing year 2010 was.. lots of new things happened for me and Concetta’s Closet – most of which were amazing!  Thank you to everyone who was a part of the great success!

Ok, second – My apologies for being absent for so long from the blog.  One of my new year resolutions was to keep on top of my little projects and one of them was my BLOG!  Keep reminding me if I slack people!

And now, for what this blog was written for:  I have a project in the works (well, it WILL be int he works soon!) – and I need photographers, models and stylists. 

Here are some details:

Photographers:  This work will be pro-bono, but full photo credits, will be given, as well as blog mention and all info for articles.  This is going to be a quite a production, and I will be a part of everything, so dont think youll be left in the dust with all of the work.  Ill be included in the editing as well.  Details will be given out as I speak with each interested photographer.  I will be making a decision by the end of this month as to which photog I will be working with.

Models:  I will obviously give my original CC models preferrential treatment as they have dedicated so much time to me in the past, but I am also looking for NEW models, girls with unique looks, of all shapes and sizes.  You must be confident, professional (no experience is necessary), be comfortable in front of a camera and easy to work with.  No primadonnas, please 🙂  There is no compensation for this gig, but you will be quite happy with the outcome, for sure!

Stylists:  This goes for anyone with an art background.  I would prefer someone with an interest in fashion, style, design and an overall great personal sense of fashion and style.  Especially vinage 🙂

All selected applicants must be available for monthly meetings to discuss the project and should be accessible to the Seacoast area of NH.  Meetings and Shoots will be held days and nights and will be furnished with food and appropriate beverages 🙂

Please contact me at for further info.  I need to have a team ready to go by 2/1/11

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

Kaley says, Grrr!