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Being one of the thousands of vintage sellers on Etsy, a handful stick out in my mind as favorites.  Some offer unique pieces that are tough to find.  Others have a great aesthetic or brand that you cant seem to forget.
Here are a few of my favorite vintage shops on Etsy:
Lauren always find a way to make every piece toothache sweet.  Im not sure if its her descriptions or her shabby chic background – either way, its cute overload!  Whenever she posts a new listing, I literally say, “Awwww!” out loud. 🙂
If you’ve ever wanted to know how to style a vintage outfit the way its supposed to be styled? – Julie is your girl.  Not only does she have some of THE best of the best vintage on Etsy, she presents it better than anyone, hands down.
When perusing around Etsy for a fab dress, The Greedy Seagull is one of my first stops.  So many unique pieces and not your typical vintage shop.  Just the way I like it.
Not only does Coldfish make everything look entirely wearable (by anyone!), I would KILL for those built-ins!
She makes vintage look FUN and not so serious!  With eras ranging from the 1920s to the 1980s, I love seeing the broad range of colors, fabrics and styles – all presented with the most creativity and energy found on Etsy.