Ive always felt like I was born in the wrong era.  But not because I love vintage clothing so much.  Mostly because I relate more with the people of the past.  Their hardworking, no fuss attitudes – The independent nature of the way they lived.  Not to mention, the absolute glamour the people from say, the 1920s and 1930s had.  I bet they didnt know how amazingly glamorous they really were.

I was contacted a few weeks ago by the HR department from Warde Heath Center in Windham NH.  I was asked if I would like to participate in a vintage fashion show – for their residents.  They have roughly 28 people that are residents of this Catholic home.  Its on beautiful grounds, with a famous castle, too.

Of course, I accepted the offer to do the show.  It would be an honor!  –  What other way to give back, than to put on a show for the people who wore and loved the fashions I sell and collect?!   I asked a handful of ladies to participate – and of course I got a great response.  We booked it.

Here are some photos from the show – I cant show too many that have any of the residents faces, otherwise Ill need a photo release.  But here are the highlights…

Jane, wearing a 50s black lace party dress – like it was made for her!
Janell and Lauryn – looking perfect!
In the waiting room – getting ready to head out!
All of us (L to R: Jane, Janell, Myself, Lauryn, Nermina, Ashley, Alexa)
Jane and I after the show..
A close up of the neckline of my dress..
My outfit:
40s Dress – Brimfield Antique Show a few years ago
50s Pearls – No idea, but theyre vintage
30s Topper Hat – Borrowed from the shop
Modern T-Strap Heels – Macys, on clearance a few years ago
Lauryn’s Outfit:
1960s Blush Organza wedding dress – borrowed from the shop!
Jane’s Outfit:
1950s Black Lace Party Dress – borrowed from the shop!
1960s Black Leather Shoes – passed down from her grandmother!
1950s Beret – borrowed from the shop!
Janell’s Outfit:
1940s Striped Taffeta Party Dress – Borrowed from Lauryn! 😉
Snood – she made it herself.
Alexa’s Outfit:
1960s Wiggle Dress – Purchased from the shop!
Hat – her own
shoes – her own
Nermina’s Outfit:
1970s Bright Maxi Dress – Purchased from the shop!
Shoes – her own
Hat – borrowed from the shop!
Ashley’s Outfit:
1960s Silk Sheath Dress – purchased from the shop!
Shoes – her own
Hat – borrowed from the shop!