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A few weeks back, Sammy Davis of Sammy Davis Vintage published a really cool e-book where she shares the best of vintage shopping online.  The book is an awesome reference for anyone that shops vintage online (whether its Etsy or Ebay, or stand alone websites).  There are so many amazing shops featured, along with specific categories of vintage as well (hats, shoes, mid-century, etc)


I received my copy of the e-book while in the middle of a photo shoot with Lauryn (the shops brunette model).  We opened the book together and saw that my shop was named number one! We both stood there and looked at each other confused.  “Me?  My shop?”  I said.  Lauryn said, “Oh my goodness!!!”  It totally made our shoot (which is normally fun but a lot of work) a LOT more fun.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was up against so many other shops that had been around a lot longer than mine – and so many other shops that (I felt) kicked my butt.  But then I thought about it.  Maybe someone else saw something I didn’t.  Maybe the countless months of working seven days a week, 14hrs a day shows.  Either way – whatever it was – I was honored and very humbled.


But know that none of this could have been achieved without the girls who are the face of Concetta’s Closet, possible – the models.

So thank you Sammy – for the honor of being featured and named as number one.  And congratulations to my fellow sellers for being in the book as well.  Its an honor to be among you all.  So if you follow my blog – you must obviously love vintage – so that means you must purchase this e-book, “The 100 Best Vintage Shops Online“.  It’s amazing!