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Once in a while, we look to add another fresh face to the shop, usually just for swimwear and lingerie.  So let it be known!  Concetta’s Closet is looking for a swimwear and lingerie model!  Your face will be seen everywhere, you’ll be noticed everywhere, you’ll be famous!  (Kind of, ha!)  Do you have a bit of a vintage look?  Ever dreamed of wearing gorgeous 1930s lingerie or 1950s swimsuits?


If you’d like to be considered for the job, please fall within the below specifics and reply with the below requirements in an email to the provided email address below:

Height: 5’5″ to 5’10”

Waist 26″ and smaller

Bust 34″ and smaller

Hips 36″ and smaller

Location:  Please be within 30min of Portsmouth NH

Availability:  Typically, we would prefer that you would be able to have Tuesday’s for photo shoots, but we understand that this is not possible for everyone.  In your reply, please let me know your weekly availability.

Modeling Experience:  While I understand that not everyone has tons of modeling experience, this job is not for someone who has never been in front of a camera before.  This job is a lot like acting, it IS a lot of work.  Please do not approach this in an unserious way.

Head shots/Photos:  Please send at least three photos/head shots with your email, professional photos are best.

This position is paid.

Send all inquiries to Dana – concettascloset@gmail.com

deadline is 2/16/14