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As most of you already know, Lauryn has been our main model for three years now.  We’ve had some amazing times together shooting on Tuesdays.  We laughed, (nearly) cried because of laughing, ate lots of food and churned out some great photos.  I can’t think of a better gal to spend my day off with!


But, Lauryn is a young woman with opportunities that await her, so she is off to a far away place to see what the next chapter of life brings her.  Sure, I’m sad.  Really sad actually.  But Im also very happy for her as I cant wait to hear about all the adventures her new surroundings will bring!

With that being said, Concetta’s Closet is looking for a NEW MODEL!  This time, we are doing it a bit different – we will be hosting an OPEN CALL day for models to come in to do a small test shoot.

What does it take to be a Concetta’s Closet model you ask?  Well – first and foremost, a sense of humor, as we have LOTS of laughs and make working fun!  Second, you gotta be OK with being recognized EVERYWHERE!  Just ask Lauryn, she gets stopped nearly every day when in public.  Third, good work ethic!  While we do have a bunch of fun, taking this job serious is for real.

Here are the deets about the open call:

Where – Concetta’s Closet, 7 Commercial Alley, Portsmouth.

When – Tuesday, July 1st.  9am-12pm and again at 6pm-8pm.

What should you bring? – A pair of heels and your pretty self!

Is this position paid? – Yep!  And quite handsomely!

When do you have photo shoots? – Usually Tuesdays, but depending on the models schedule, other times will be considered.

Is there food? – Sometimes!  We often order lunch or have muffins/coffee during the shoots.

Do I have to be a size 0? – Nope, but being able to fit a wide range of sizes is preferable.  (we pin a lot of clothing when its too big)

I cant make the open call, can I come another time? – Sure!  Just email Dana at concettascloset@gmail.com for details.

I think that covers it.  Please feel free to email Dana if you have further questions or concerns.  We hope to see you!!