Do you have a favorite dress that has graced the racks at the Closet?  I do.  Actually, I have quite a few.  The list is long, so Ive condensed it, and some you may remember from a month or so ago – some you may have never seen, ever!  Here’s a *short* list of some of the best dresses Ive ever offered!

il_fullxfull.364195307_ovhl il_fullxfull.371935571_nh2w il_fullxfull.381878991_moji il_fullxfull.395189498_jipj il_fullxfull.409232168_502i il_fullxfull.440558098_k3s9 il_fullxfull.461758024_764a il_fullxfull.467095600_6qo7 il_fullxfull.477710671_7pdn il_fullxfull.599709665_n1fa il_fullxfull.606419790_k38s

Which is your favorite – is it on this list?  If not, let us know!