Over the last year I went from having a retail shop (of almost 5 years) to having an appointment-only showroom.  Its been a huge transition for me but I welcomed it and never looked back at the decision I made.  A long-time model moved on and a few new models came and went.  While some people may think that sourcing or photography may be the toughest part of this business – they’re mistaken.  Picking the perfect girl to represent the shop by far, has been my biggest challenge over the last six years.

The model that represents the shop is so important because she tells you my story.  She gives the clothing that once had life, a new life for you to see and fall in love with.  I admit, some hasty choices have been made over the last year because its really all just trial & error when choosing models.  Personality clashes happen, girls find new jobs and even move.  I recently realized that this shop needs a recharge, a breath of fresh air – a new look, if you will.

So please pardon our appearance as we make some very big changes around here.  We won’t be listing very much over the next few weeks, we will be making the transition from Etsy to a stand-alone website (something that’s been in the works for over a year now) and clothing that will blow your mind.  The Etsy vintage audience has changed – and we’re changing with it.  Hold onto your hats, this is gonna be fun ….

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